1. Angry Boys is on, you guys!!!

  2. Very excited to play tonight with @j_nye, @LeeLee_Henry, @l_wehms, @kat_vicari and out other non-twitter friends… who’s playing in STL?

  3. Beyonce and Jay-Z had their baby! And it already has more money than me!

  4. SO TRUE! via @jfwvv6 a realistic NYE ad: http://t.co/rI9IFSTx

  5. Hey @lwehms, I think I’m in for Bar Louie. Sold my Chicago NYE ticket. Do I need a new ticket?

  6. This just rips out my heart every. single. time. :( http://t.co/RDKV52uk

  7. RT @huffingtonpost: Solar panels in paint form? Scientists just did it http://t.co/7qjvjNFu

  8. RT @jaCUH_: #TebowBookTitles How To Make It In The NFL Without Really Trying.

  9. RT @richardengelnbc: so here it is. Last vehicle out #iraq http://t.co/DKyQGdRr

  10. RT @mortgagereports: The pause after Dora asks you a question. #ThingsLongerThanChrisPaulStintAsALaker

  11. CHILDISH GAMBINO LIVE IN KANSAS CITY APRIL 3RD! I’m buying all of the tickets so I can roll around on the floor. http://t.co/QnTiDp3Y

  12. If gays DO get sent to hell when they die, that’s where I want to go too. Because, hey, MIMOSAS!!!

  13. I’m surprised that people are surprised by the NCAA Bowl game placements. The BCS screws the pooch like this for several schools every year.

  14. RT @DrSalsaPants: I’m not saying Justin Bieber is gay, I’m just saying the kid likes a hand on the back of his head when he eats a burrito.

  15. RT @NikkiGlaser: What a cool baby! http://t.co/YD5cv7iX